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The 1st Quarter drawing for NNACC's Shop at Home program shows great results.

Don Ivie claims his price as the consumer winner of the 1st Quarter drawing for the Shop at Home program

NNACC has been dedicated to the promotion and success of it’s Membership. Business promotion is always a multi-tiered task. This year NNACC has come up with a program that creates incentives for locals to Shop at Home.

1st Quarter Drawing Winners Announced

The Shop at Home program 1st quarter drawing results are in. In one short month, there were a total of 173 tickets collected and the winning ticket belonged to Don Ivie. He was delighted to win the goodie bag from Naturita Sales; Naturita Sales was the Chamber member (Business) winner and won a custom sign from Light Reigns of a value up to $250. As a participant in the program, Naturita Sales offers its employee a chance to win.

When the winning ticket belongs to Naturita Sales, the clerk who sold the ticket gets the prize that the business has won. This is a wonderful addition to the program that the Chamber appreciates and encourages.

The Shop at Home Program

If you haven’t become familiar with the program here’s a very quick description…

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